It’s easy to get listed if you follow our guidelines : 

  • You can submit your website to multiple categories at once (the more accurate according to the content)
  • Do not capitalize the first letter of every word
  • Do not submit duplicate sites
  • Toplevel and subdomains websites are accepted
  • Do not submit Porn or Adult oriented sites, black magic websites,websites without content or low quality websites
  • Do not submit Spam sites
  • Do not submit illegal sites
  • No url shortner
  • No Youtube video urls
  • No Website that don’t allow screenshots 
  • Your website have to have a valid domain certificate

Take in mind that all submitted websites are carefully tested before approval.If a submitted link redirects to an other site or to a blank site or even to a site with no content we won’t approve it!

We generally check all of our websites every week.If a website is unreachable after 3 days the listing will be deleted.

To remove your listing once approved we charge € 2.00 /link payable with paypal or you can submit a disavow file on google webmaster tools.