Social Network Marketing in the Digital Age

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So what the heck is Social Network Marketing? Social Network Marketing, while still in its infancy, has the potential to be the most viral, powerful and compelling form of advertising ever created. That being said it also has the potential to be the most destructive. Because it is relatively new, especially when it comes to marketing, it is also filled with many landmines that need to be navigated with caution. So back to what it is. Social Network Marketing is:

“Social Network Marketing is the application of Internet-based social network methods in order to connect and involve users with products, organizations and ideas.”

To fine tune it a little more: Social Network Marketing is the use of Internet network media such as YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, forums, etc. and their resulting techniques of getting the user involved. A classic example of social network marketing is American Idol in which viewers not only watch the show, but text message votes and participate in online dialogue, websites and commercially-driven surveys, etc.

Social Marketing is rapidly expanding its reach in the marketplace and especially on the internet. This new form of marketing is going to provide an avvalanche of opportunities for businesses that understand how to use the multitude of tactics now available.

The major advantage of the entire buzz around this new medium is that no matter what your budget, or your size the playing field has been leveled. No longer will only the super large companies be able to dominate the landscape. Everyone who wants to participate and gain exposure has an equal opportunity. This new advertising platform will be limited only by ones creativity not pocketbook. Some of the most viral advertising will likely come from some of the most unsuspecting places…you and me.

It should come as no surprise that Social Marketing is taking the internet by storm. Daily new and old companies are finding success with this new form of advertising. But it is not your traditional form of advertising; in fact, many would say it is not advertising at all. This new form of communication or viral marketing is all the rage and well it should be. The opportunities are endless. The territory is new. The possibilities are limited only by ones own imagination. Creativity is king along with content. Long gone are the days of running an ad that says “buy me.” Today’s advertising does everything but sell. It provides an experience or critical information that the audience wants needs and is compelled by; but not compelled into buying. Long gone are the days of hitting the target market over the head with 2 by 4 and saying this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The new reality is it may be the way the message is delivered. Entertainment and information value are the new kings of the new social media. You can either embrace it or ignore it but ignoring it will certainly leave a major void in your communication with your client or customer. Our likes and dislikes are changing quickly and those that adapt there advertising to piercing that laser targeted traffic will be the long term winners in this emerging growth market. What worked last year doesn’t this year so change is the mandate for success. Either change or die.

Source by Ron Tyler

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